Programs & Initiatives

To achieve our objective of improving health incomes and reduce care costs for Medicaid enrollees, Partnership for Community Care has a variety of evidence-based programs and initiatives to outreach to the population.

Our Programs and Initiatives Include:

  • Community Care Physician Network, LLC (CCPN): Clinically integrated network designed to develop clinical initiatives that improve quality and efficiency of health care services and help control costs. 
  • Transitional Care Nursing and Care Management: Ensure the full circle continuity of care that occurs between providers, hospital, and home
  • Chronic Disease & Telemonitoring: Provide monitoring and follow up with Chronic Disease patients that have Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Hypertension, and/or COPD.
  • Behavioral Health Integration: Working together with primary care providers to ensure physical health and behavioral health needs are optimally met
  • Project Lazarus:  Responding to some of the highest drug overdose death rates in the country through Project Lazarus
  • Pharmacy: Performing medication reconciliations to eliminate discrepancies
  • Pregnancy Medical Home: Reducing infant mortality in North Carolina
  • Palliative Care: Building awareness around end of life care needs and advance planning
  • Early Intervention Program: Promoting the medical home for children's preventative health and sick care needs
  • Nutrition Program: Providing education to patients to better care for their physical health
  • Care Coordination for Children (CC4C): Targeting high-risk, high-cost children from birth to age five for care management
  • Complex Pediatric Care: A program designed to positively impact the health and quality of life of children with chronic complex conditions.
  • Uninsured Program: Providing access to health care services for low-income uninsured residents of Guilford County
  • Quality Improvement: Assisting network practices with Quality Improvement Projects and initiatives to improve patient outcomes

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