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Guilford County Providers
Provider Telephone Fax
ABC Pediatrics336-235-3060336-235-3079
Alpha Clinic336-358-1258336-358-1582
Bland Clinic336-373-1557336-373-1742
Brown Summit Family Medicine336-656-9905336-656-5227
Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad336-574-4280336-574-4634
Cone Health Sickle Cell Center (Guilford Internal Medicine)336-832-1986336-832-1988
Cornerstone Care Outreach Clinic336-802-2291336-802-2292
Cornerstone Family Practice at Summerfield 336-643-7711 336-643-3047
Cornerstone Internal Medicine at Premier 336-802-2075 336-802-2076
Cornerstone Internal Medicine at Westchester336-802-2025336-802-2026
Cornerstone Internal Medicine Jamestown336-802-2015336-802-2016
Cornerstone Pediatrics at Premier336-802-2200336-802-2201
Cornerstone Pediatrics at Westchester336-802-2100336-802-2101
Cornerstone Pediatrics of Greensboro336-510-5510336-510-5515
Cornerstone Premier Care336-802-2210336-802-2214
David M. Rubin, MD at Rubin Pediatrics336-373-1245336-373-1241
Deep River Family Medicine336-802-2610336-802-2611
Eagle Family Medicine at Brassfield336-282-0376336-282-0379
Eagle Family Medicine at Guilford College336-294-6190336-294-6278
Eagle Family Medicine at Oak Ridge336-644-0111336-644-0085
Eagle Family Medicine at Triad 336-852-3800 336-852-5725
Eagle Family Medicine at Village 336-379-1156 336-370-0442
Eagle Physicians at Lake Jeanette336-482-2300336-482-2320
Emerywood Medical Specialties336-802-2060336-802-2061
Evans Blount Community Center336-641-2100336-641-2110
Family Medicine at Eugene (Former Health Serve)336-355-9920336-676-6170
Family Medicine Center at Moses Cone336-832-8035336-832-8094
Femina Women's Center336-389-9898336-275-3550
Friendly Urgent and Family Care336-218-0994336-218-0997
Greensboro Pediatricians336-299-3183336-299-1762
Guilford Child Health at High Point (Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine)336-884-0225336-884-3471
Guilford Child Health at Spring Valley (Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine)336-370-1050336-274-2755
Guilford Child Health at Wendover (Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine)336-272-1050336-272-1110
Guilford County Department of Public Health - GSO336-641-7777336-641-6375
Guilford County Department of Public Health - HP336-641-5762336-641-3210
Guilford Medical Associates336-621-8911336-621-6322
Henry H. Dorn, MD336-889-2000336-889-2027
High Point Family Practice336-802-2040336-802-2041
High Point OB/GYN336-802-2120336-802-2121
High Point Pediatrics336-889-6564336-889-5252
High Point Regional Adult Center (Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine)336-878-6027336-878-6189
Jamestown Medical Associates336-869-5000336-869-5044
Lake Jeanette Urgent Care336-286-5505336-286-5583
Moses Cone Outpatient Clinic & Internal Medicine Center336-832-7272336-832-8641
Northwest Pediatrics336-605-0190336-605-0930
Novant Health Parkside Family Medicine336-856-0901336-856-2804
Novant Health Forsyth Pediatrics at Oakridge336-644-0994336-644-0997
Novant Health New Garden Medical Associates336-288-8857336-288-8769
Novant Health Northern Family Practice336-643-5800336-643-7474
NP Primary Care336-433-4122
Palladium Primary Care - Admiral Drive336-841-8500336-841-3999
Palladium Primary Care - High Point Rd.336-676-6304
Piedmont Centre Family Medicine336-802-2350336-802-2359
Piedmont Family Medicine - Dr. John LaLonde336-275-6445336-275-3012
Piedmont Pediatrics336-272-9447336-272-2112
Pleasant Garden Family Practice336-674-6191336-674-0923
Regional Physicians North High Point336-884-6000336-884-7222
Regional Physicians of High Point Internal Medicine336-882-2433336-882-2441
Regional Physicians Primary Care Adams Farm336-299-7000336-299-7003
Triad Women's Center336-841-6574336-841-6906
Randolph County Providers
Provider Telephone Fax
Asheboro Children's Health Patricia A. Chamberlin, MD 336-629-7017 336-629-3465
Asheboro Family Physicians of NC336-625-4215336-626-0919
Carolina Primary Medicine336-636-5546336-636-5145
Cornerstone Family Medicine at Archdale336-802-2070336-802-2071
Cox Family Practice336-629-6500336-629-9500
Deep River Health & Wellness336-625-3333336-626-8233
Family and Community Medicine Asheboro336-372-3200336-629-7349
Five Points Medical Center - Asheboro336-625-1172336-625-6434
Five Points Medical Center - Ramseur336-824-2551336-824-2553
Hodges Family Practice 336-308-0616 336-626-1592
Horizon Internal Medicine336-610-1300336-672-6001
Merce Clinic - Randolph Family Health Care at Merce336-672-1300336-672-3044
Meridian Internal Medicine336-633-3073336-633-3074
Premiere Pediatrics - Wayne Connors, MD336-625-0500336-625-0509
Randolph Medical Assoc. Internal Medicine / Asheboro 336-625-3248 336-625-6629
Randolph Medical Assoc. Internal Medicine / Shultz336-625-2961336-625-6573
Randolph Medical Assoc. Pediatrics / Asheboro 336-625-2467 336-625-2256
Randolph Medical Assoc. Family Practice / Randleman 336-495-3186 336-495-3390
Randolph Medical Assoc. Family Practice / Seagrove 336-873-8045 336-873-9074
Randolph Medical Assoc. Family Practice / Liberty 336-622-4850 336-622-4855
Renuka Harsh Pediatrics336-626-2793336-626-4737
Summit Family Practice336-636-5100336-636-5144
Rockingham County Physician Provider List
Provider Telephone Fax
Ayyaz Qureshi, MD Internal Medicine336-548-2456336-548-2917
Belmont Medical Associates336-349-5040336-349-6578
Dayspring Family Medicine336-623-5171336-627-5747
Edward Hawkins, MD336-342-0525336-342-9425
Family Practice of Eden336-627-5178336-627-0727
Gebre Selassie Nida, MD & Tesfaye D. Fanta, MD336-342-9564336-349-9723
Matthews Health Center 336-573-9228 336-573-2977
Premier Pediatrics of Eden336-627-5437336-627-1681
Primary Care Associates336-427-0281336-627-1681
Reidsville Family Medicine336-634-3960336-634-3919
Reidsville Primary Care336-348-6924
Rockingham County Health Department336-342-8140336-342-8356
Rockingham Internal Medicine336-623-5021336-623-7902
Triad Medicine & Pediatrics 336-634-3902 336-634-3933
Western Rockingham Family Medicine 336-548-9618 336-548-4877

For more information about services, please contact one of our local offices:

  • Guilford County - (336) 235-0930
  • Randolph County - (336) 308-5391
  • Rockingham County - (336) 612-1992
  • Or call us toll-free - 1-877-238-0930