Claudette Johnson, RN, BSN, MNA, President, 336.235.0935
Cynthia Daniel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director of Business and Human Resources, 336.235.0936
Donna Price, CPA, Director of Finance & Administration, 336.235.0940
Jacqueline Kennedy, MS Ed,CCM, Director of Care Management, 336.235.0208
Jason Jones, MD, Network Medical Director, 336.553.4423
Patrick Johnson, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy Services, 336.553.4432


Carolyn Hubbard, Business & Human Resources Manager, 336.553.4419
Laura DiSalle, Office Manager, 336.252.3869
Michelle Metz, Assistant Accounting Manager, 336.553.4417
Paige Grubbs, Accounting Manager, 336.553.4464
Star Day, Receptionist, 336.235.0930

Other Pertinent Staff:

Delvin Campbell, Special Programs Manager, 336.553.4447
Debra Finley, Patient Care Navigator, 336.553.4437
Ericka Miles, Patient Care Navigator, 336.553.4448
Jamie Alston, Network Administrator/Trainer, 336.553.4428
Jeff Pruett, Opioid Safety Program Manager, 336.553.4463
Laura Davis, QDDP, QMHP, Behavioral Health Program Coordinator, 336.252.3650
LaSoyna Little, RN, MSN, Pregnancy Home Coordinator 336.553.4425
Mark Mattioli, MD, Network Psychiatrist, 336.553.4442

Pharmacy Program:

Nichole Andrews, BA, Pharmacy Program Assistant, 336.553.4422
Pharke Somsana, Pharmacy Program Assistant, 336.252.3790

Nutrition Program:

Caitlin Romm, MPH, RD, LDN, Nutritionist - Registered Dietitian, 336.553.4434
Sheri Vettel, MPH, RD, LDN, Nutritionist - Registered Dietitian, 336.553.4451

Quality Improvement:

Annmarie Czubay, BSW, Outreach & Education Social Worker, 336.553.4420
David Lerner, BS, BA, Data Analyst, 336.553.4416
Tonji Stang, BSW, Outreach & Education Social Worker, 336.553.4456

Health Check Coordinators

Africa Green, Health Check Coordinator, 336.553.4445
Jessica Carruthers, Health Check Coordinator/Data Disclosure, 336.252.3632
Marci Franco, Health Check Coordinator, 336.252.3656

Clinical Staff

Anne Rudd, RN, BSN, Clinical Services Manager, 336.553.4440
Bernetta Terry, LPN, Clinical Care Coordinator, 336.553.4439
Charlene Papas, RN, Care Manager, 336.252.3648
Chiquita Striblin, SW, Behavioral Health Care Manager, 336.252.3787
Debra Parker, LPN, Clinical Care Coordinator, 336.553.4421
Debra Richardson, SW, Care Coordinator, 336.252.3628
Dolora Sutton, SW, Transitional Care Manager-Cone Behavioral Health, 336.944.4817
Dorothy Timmons, LPN, Clinical Care Coordinator, 336.553.4458
Electre Turner, BSW, Behavioral Health Care Manager, 336.252.3780
Ginger Cottrell, LPN, Clinical Care Coordinator, 336.252.3654
Heather Walters, RN, Clinical Educator, 336.252.3871
Hope Shindledecker, RN, Care Manager, 336.553.4469
Ivan Moore, QMHP, Behavioral Health Care Manager, 336.252.3630
Jennifer Allen, MA-MFT, Behavioral Health Clinical Services Manager, 336.252.3874
Joi Owens, LPN, Clinical Care Coordinator, 336.553.4444
Kimberly Lanier, RN, BSN, Transitional Care Manager-Cone Health Systems, 336.937.3846
Kiouna Hills, LPN, Clinical Care Coordinator, 336.553.4460
Laura Meyers, LPN, Clinical Care Coordinator, 336.252.3652
Lincoln Broadnax, Care Coordinator, 336.553.4429
Lisa Zuker, RN, Clinical Services Manager, 336.553.4461
Monica McLean, BSW, Behavioral Health Care Manager, 336.553.4446
Paris Jones, BSW, Pediatric Care Manager, 336.553.4459
Ryan Hill, LPN, Clinical Care Coordinator, 336.252.3733
Shelbia Battle, RN, BSN, Care Manager, 336.252.3640
Sierra Barrow, RN, Pediatric Care Manager, 336.252.8867
Stephanie Williams, LPN, Chronic Disease Nurse, 336.252.3636
Tawain McKenzie, RN, BSN, Transitional Care Manager-High Point Regional Hospital, 336.937.3863
Tiffany Pringle, RN, BSN, Care Manager, 336.553.4462
Wyvondalynn Scovens, RN, Care Manger, 336.252.3782
Zachary Barnes, BA, Care Coordinator, 336.553.4468